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[In May, the textile industry chain is ushering in serious polarization!]
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2020 is difficult for the entire society, the country and the entire world, not only to fight against the sudden virus, but also to resolve the economic crisis that ensued.

Recently, another large textile company declared bankruptcy due to severe losses.

Regardless of the reasons for the company's poor management in the early stage, this year's severe epidemic may also be the straw after it crushed it. Affected by the global spread of the epidemic, it is difficult for textile companies to receive orders and capital turnover, and there are also a few bankrupt companies.

Not only domestic companies, but many foreign companies have recently closed their doors due to the epidemic.

The impact of the outbreak on the global textile value chain is shocking. According to the latest news from Zui: The International Textile Manufacturers Union (ITMF) conducted a third survey of its members, affiliated companies and associations from April 16-28, 2020. The survey results show that global textile orders fell by an average of 41% Compared with 2019, global revenue is expected to decline by an average of 33% in 2020.

Looking at the situation of the textile market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the market in the three months after the opening year is indeed more tragic compared to the previous years.

In terms of raw materials: In the past 3 months, due to poor demand in the weaving market, the collapse of upstream PTA and ethylene glycol ends and their own high inventory, the prices of polyester filament products have dropped to varying degrees, and the declines have exceeded 20% the above. At the beginning of May, the price of polyester yarn climbed up due to the strong increase in crude oil prices, but then fell rapidly. In recent days, the prices of polyester filament products have doubled and opened a downward channel. The production and sales are also poor, and have been hovering around 50%.

Weaving inventory: According to the sample enterprises monitored by China Silk Net, the inventory of grey fabrics in Shengze area is currently around 41-42 days. Although it has decreased from the previous period, it is still at a high level compared with about 38 days in the same period last year. Under the influence of the epidemic, most foreign trade orders were suspended. Although domestic trade demand has improved, the recovery is still slow, and the process of weaving enterprises' destocking is slow.

In terms of operating rate: According to statistics, the operating rate of looms in Shengze is currently around 70%. In mid-to-late March, affected by the stagnation of overseas orders, the start-up rate of looms declined severely; after May 1st, manufacturers' enthusiasm for production increased somewhat, and the start-up rate recovered slightly. However, compared with the same period of last year, the current loom operating rate is still low. And it is about to enter the traditional off-season, it is more likely that the operating rate will decline further.

The severe shrinkage in the demand for terminal apparel has led to worrying prospects for conventional products, and the production and sales of the weaving market have been difficult to equalize for a while, and the inventory is high. But in stark contrast to conventional varieties, the masks and protective clothing that are still hot in the market recently.

Taking masks as an example, although the export standards of masks are now strict, at the same time, the US FDA revoked the license of about 60 Chinese manufacturers to sell N95 masks in the United States, leaving only 14. However, as European and American countries began to resume production, the The demand is still huge.

Recently, a trader said: "Recently received an order of 14 million KN95 masks, but because of the high quality requirements for export to the United States, there are not many domestic manufacturers with NIOSH in the United States. On the basis of reasonable prices, it is still very difficult to find manufacturers Difficult. And the risk of exporting to the United States is greater, and there is still uncertainty in Sino-US relations. However, the customer attaches great importance to it and has stopped a few of my clothing lists, focusing on the mask list. "

The use of KN95 masks in European and American countries is basically a one-time use. Recently, France, Britain, Denmark, Austria, Spain and other countries have indicated that they will gradually unblock. Therefore, the demand for masks in the later period is still relatively large, and it will still be on the market for a while.

At the same time, due to the influence of mask fever, the price of nylon has also risen sharply recently. The price of nylon POY increased by about 800 yuan / ton from the end of April, the price of nylon DTY increased by about 900 yuan / ton from the end of April, and the price of nylon FDY increased by about 900 yuan / ton from the end of April.

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