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[How to distinguish the quality of polypropylene staple fiber?]
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How to distinguish the quality of polypropylene staple fiber?

Some low-quality polypropylene staple fiber contain moisture (it is difficult to feel by human hands alone). The moisture content can be measured by drying or drying. Although the price of the fiber is low, it is also included in the sale of water. Assuming that the water content is 5%, then 1 kg of fiber containing water is actually only 95% of the fiber, and the price of fiber will be 1.05 times the original price.

Inferior polypropylene staple fiber, because of the cost reduction, has not been treated with UV resistance at all, and polypropylene short fiber loses its strength in two years under sunlight, so it is difficult for the inferior polypropylene staple fiber to play its role in concrete for a long time. As long as it is spot-checked at the construction site (the filaments to be inspected must be strictly the same as the polypropylene fiber staples at the construction site), after a long period of exposure to the sun and the night, then the tensile strength can be distinguished. High-quality fiber, uniform length and uniform thickness, light and bright white. Combined silk, pulped silk, thick silk, coiled silk, oil-stained silk, agglomerated silk and impurities with little or no content are high-quality; inferior ones are the opposite.

Take 500ml of water into two cups, add 0.4g of polypropylene staple fiber with the same specifications, and observe after stirring for 10 seconds. The high-quality ones are evenly dispersed and suspended in water; the poor-quality ones cannot be evenly dispersed or suspended in clusters or clusters Or underwater. High-quality fiber: environmental protection, light taste without irritation; inferior fiber: pollution, strong taste and strong irritation.

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