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[The domestic market is getting more and more proofs, and the foreign trade part has been issued one after another. Is the turning point of the filament weaving market coming?]
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Since the international oil price has risen for five consecutive years and the polyester filament has risen for three consecutive days, there has been some slight fluctuations in the downstream grey fabric market.

1 part of the actual foreign trade order has been issued

A few days ago, Spain, Italy, India and other countries have successively relaxed various restrictions and opened some enterprises, so some foreign trade orders have also started. However, due to the severe epidemic situation abroad, the degree of difficulty in resuming work is greater than that in the country, and the speed of recovery is far less than that in the country. Therefore, there are not many orders transmitted to the domestic fabric market, and it will take time.

After market research, we learned that most of the foreign trade orders received by fabric companies currently come from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries. However, fabric manufacturers exporting to the United States, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and other places have reported that orders are still stagnant and there is no improvement. In general, some foreign trade orders have been placed and foreign trade is starting, which always brings great hope to the market.

A trading company introduced: "Recent foreign trade received orders from Portugal, Spain and Japan, mainly gabardine and conductive cloth, gabardine is tooling, conductive cloth is protective clothing, these two types of clothing can be said to be under the epidemic Order, the order is placed quickly. The order of other aspects of clothing is really not very big, and a buffer process is needed. "

2 Proofing of domestic winter fabrics has begun

Good news also came from the domestic market, with new progress. In terms of order picking, orders were issued one after another to keep the company running. The holiday skyrocketed raw materials, which spurred some traders to enter the market for replenishment. The sales of fabrics such as Nisifang, Diamond Huayao, imitation acetic acid, and human silk Shumei silk were enlarged. The manufacturers indicated that the orders on hand were significantly better than other products.

In addition to a certain improvement in substantial orders, the early proofing development has also begun to increase. Unlike in April, there are very few even inquiries for proofing development, and the market is idle. But now, the development of proofing is also on the agenda, and the fabric manufacturer said that it has spent a lot of time in development recently. Most of the orders for proofing development are winter fabrics, such as winter fabrics such as nylon spinning, suede, velvet cloth, and imitation memory.

A domestic trader revealed: "In addition to making a few orders, customers have indeed made a lot of proofs, all of which are velvet fabrics, and they were very popular last year as velvet pleated skirts. List, but now it is better than nothing, and there is always hope for proofing. "

Apparel sales season ahead

In the past years, most of the domestic winter clothing began to be sampled and developed in July-August, and September-October is the peak period for the production of large goods. Even if it is ahead of schedule, it will start in June. Now only in early May, the proofing of winter clothing began, indicating that the production of clothing fabrics this year is ahead of schedule. On the one hand, due to insufficient demand and the shutdown in the first quarter of the epidemic, it affected the sales of spring clothing. It can be said that clothing retailers almost skipped spring clothing and sold summer clothing directly. Nowadays, summer clothes are already hot, and autumn clothes are also in production. According to this rhythm, winter clothes have already started. With one quarter less apparel sales, it is reasonable to make seasonal apparel production ahead of schedule.

Pre-sale of winter clothing to boost demand

On the other hand, summer clothes have been on the market for some time, and will soon usher in autumn clothes. At present, most of the execution orders of fabric merchants are turnover orders and replenishment orders of clothing in the current season, and the amount is not large. It is very difficult for clothing manufacturers and fabric manufacturers to maintain their operations only by the current season of clothing. Therefore, in such a special market, in order to seek new orders, clothing factories had to release new winter products to attract consumers' attention. In terms of e-commerce, pre-sale activities are often held, and the results have been good. Early search for new fabrics and production of new garments has become a way for garment factories to save themselves.


This year has been in the off-season for a long time, but now the domestic foreign trade market has improved to a certain extent. Perhaps this year's market will subvert the previous traditional market. The possibility of making up for the missing orders in the first and second quarters in the third quarter is not impossible. In addition, the second half of the Golden Nine Silver Ten, Double Eleven e-commerce shopping season, Christmas foreign trade season, etc., are the nodes of demand. Regardless of market conditions, confidence is still needed, and opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

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