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[What is polypropylene staple fiber? What are the special properties of polypropylene staple fiber?]
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What is polypropylene staple fiber? Polypropylene staple fiber is a short fiber made of polypropylene PP by melt spinning, drafting, crimping, heat setting, and cutting. What are the special properties of polypropylene staple fiber?

polypropylene staple fiber performance: It has excellent moisture conductivity and quick drying, good combability and spinning performance, can produce fabrics with appropriate softness and toughness, light weight fabric, good thermal insulation, delicate hand feeling, comfortable to wear, acid resistant, Alkali. At the same time, it has the ability of rapid melting, good filling and sound insulation.

Application range of polypropylene staple fiber: sanitary non-woven fabrics, spunlace non-woven fabrics, needle punched carpets, electric blanket fabrics, filter fabrics, geotextiles, automotive decorative fabrics, clothing linings, artificial fur, woolen yarns, yarn spinning, filter materials Engineering fiber, geotextile, non-woven fabric, rope net, thermal insulation material.

Haian Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of polypropylene staple fiber, PP staple fiber, polyester staple fiber, functional polypropylene staple fiber, functional polyester staple fiber, and hydrophilic polyester staple fiber. Our company mainly produces polypropylene staple fiber and polyester staple fiber: specifications 1.5D to 200D, length 5-150mm, product color sky blue, red, yellow, black, etc., can be customized. Polypropylene staple fiber and polyester staple fiber are rich in variety, support color to map or sample customization, fully meet your individual needs.

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