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[How to survive the epidemic, how to deal with the recent textile people]
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The data of the professional version of the eye examination show that there are more than 1.26 million manufacturing companies engaged in textiles, textiles and apparel and apparel in China. Although the textile and apparel manufacturing market in China has been open for more than half a month, it has been affected by the epidemic. The increase decreased by 50.9% year-on-year. How to reduce the impact of the epidemic and safely pass through this year's epidemic, the following five solutions are generally considered, but not absolute.

This article is (click to view details →) "How big is the impact of the epidemic?" A circle of countermeasure articles recently said by textile people.

1. Pay attention to related supporting policies of government industry

Xian Guoyi: With the further restoration of social production and living order, a series of policies and measures issued by the state and localities to promote the release of consumer supplements have gradually come into effect, and the consumer market will continue to rebound steadily in the later period. In some areas, some rigid consumption was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic, and it will be replenished after the epidemic, resulting in compensatory consumption.

Liu Changyu, Level 2 Inspector of Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce: The Ministry of Commerce will make full use of various foreign trade policies, especially to promote the implementation of fiscal and taxation, finance, export credit and other policy measures as soon as possible, and support local, industry organizations, and trade promotion agencies to Enterprises provide necessary legal and information services, guide enterprises to prevent risks, and help enterprises to protect the market, order and share.

Zhou Dewen, president of the Zhejiang Private Investment Enterprise Federation: "The government needs to release water for fish farming at this time. In the next three months, the country should fully reduce or even not collect taxes to allow enterprises to spend these difficult three months." For foreign traders, March to April is also the peak period for signing export orders, but now it is seen that the peak period for export orders will pass, many foreign trade enterprises can not last for 3 months, and many workers may face unemployment, this is A very practical question. The company can't survive, what are they doing to support so many people? Secondly, stepping up the export tax rebate to foreign trade enterprises, many of the export tax rebates for foreign trade orders last year have not been refunded. At this time, we must pay full attention to tax rebates to help enterprises Through this crisis. "

A number of foreign trade companies: I hope that the support policies can be implemented as soon as possible, such as whether the pensions for enterprise shutdown employees can be exempted, property taxes, land use taxes, bank loan interest rates are appropriately reduced, and water, electricity, and gas costs are appropriately reduced.

2. Keep up with the development of the epidemic prevention and control situation

A: A major epidemic will trigger a change in people ’s consumption philosophy. Textile and apparel companies must seize the opportunity for rising demand for sanitary textiles and sports health-related products during the post-epidemic period, and increase their market share in industrial textiles and sports functional clothing Rate to make up for the gap in sales and exports of other textile and apparel.

Someone: If we are not confident about our economy in the future, from another perspective, the biggest challenge now is to solve our own problems, such as the decline in foreign trade enterprise orders. Is it possible for foreign trade to transfer to domestic demand to fill the gap between urban and rural development? The connotation needs to be further explored.

3. Pay attention to the changes in overseas risks

A: At present, the epidemic situation has spread worldwide. As the main destination of textile and apparel exports, the situation in Europe and the United States is not optimistic, and the epidemic situation in Southeast Asia is severe. Overseas markets may introduce or change control measures at any time in response to the development of the epidemic situation, which brings greater risks and uncertainties to the export of the textile and apparel industry. It is recommended that companies pay close attention to changes in overseas markets, and actively use insurance, guarantee, banking and other insurance financial institutions and other professional risk management institutions to protect their own interests. If a risk loss occurs without effective risk avoidance, the loss should be recovered as soon as possible through the self or related means according to the loss situation

Jiang Chao: If the overseas epidemic situation can be controlled in the second quarter, then foreign demand will weigh on the Chinese economy this year by about 0.85% -1.7%. In terms of domestic demand, by increasing the fiscal deficit of about 1 trillion each, local government special debt and special national debt, we expect to achieve 5% consumption and investment growth. In this way, after deducting the drag of external demand, it is expected that GDP growth of 3-4% can still be achieved throughout the year. Looking to the future, we believe that although the Chinese economy will still face the challenge of external demand, with the support of active policies, domestic demand is expected to rebound fully, so the economy is also expected to improve quarter by quarter.

Song Lingyan: I think the current problem to be solved is the global economic shutdown. The domestic method of quickly resolving the problem of resuming production and resuming production can be borrowed from the international reinstatement and reinstatement field. This requires national ministries and commissions to come in contact with the commercial departments of various countries in the world and strive to reduce the impact of the world economy to the lowest level while preventing epidemic.

4. Strengthen e-commerce online capabilities to make up for offline

A: During the duration of the epidemic, there will still be a substantial decrease in offline passenger flow. As one of the important sales channels of the textile and apparel industry, e-commerce also continues to increase the proportion of revenues of various enterprises. Although logistics restrictions during the epidemic may reduce consumers' desire to purchase clothing online, online consumption is expected to increase significantly, which can offset some of the negative impact of the epidemic.

Sun Chengming: "Export to domestic sales is not easy for foreign trade companies." Foreign trade is generally OEM, there is no brand, no channel, and no design and marketing talent. It is impossible to transfer to domestic sales in just a few months. Thing. "I hope the government will take the lead and let us cooperate with some e-commerce platforms to make full use of the export organization structure and digest the existing production capacity." "

5. Develop industry, keep pace with the times, reform and innovation

A: Although the epidemic has caused serious impacts on textiles and clothing, the impact of the epidemic is short-term. While paying attention to the immediate difficulties, companies should pay more attention to long-term development. Strengthen the company's own construction, further build its own brand, improve the company's research and development capabilities, develop new technologies and functional new products with core competitiveness, build market brands, and develop to the high-end market.

6. Summary

A: Practice internal skills first, and do n’t waste food because of choking. For example, if foreign trade is under pressure, the general direction will suddenly change to domestic demand. The decisive factor in this protracted battle is sometimes not how savvy your strategy is, but that you make fewer mistakes than the opponent.

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