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[How to distinguish different types of polyester staple fiber from the equipment?]
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What is polyester staple fiber? polyester staple fiber is a short fiber of several centimeters to ten centimeters. polyester staple fiber can be divided into large chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber and small chemical fiber. How do you distinguish them?

We can distinguish from the production equipment of polyester staple fiber.

To put it simply: "big chemical fiber" polyester staple fiber is generally produced by larger chemical fiber companies using better quality slices directly. The process is more advanced, the equipment is mostly imported, the product quality index is ideal, and it is stable and spinnable. Relatively high.

On the contrary, there are many on the market at present: China chemical fiber "polyester staple fiber and small chemical fiber" polyester staple fiber is mixed with slices made from recycled raw materials such as cola bottles. At the same time, the process is relatively backward, and the equipment is mostly domestic. However, the cost is much lower than that of large chemical fibers, and some yarns with low quality requirements can be mixed with some small chemical fibers.

The equipment used by "Medium Chemical Fiber" and "Small Chemical Fiber" is basically the same. The main difference between them is that the "China Chemical Fiber" polyester staple fiber generally uses other foreign products produced by regular polyester chip production plants and well-processed imported polyester recycling bottle chips. The raw materials used for "small chemical fiber" polyester staple fibers are basically general recycled polyester bottle flakes, polyester recycled waste silk and waste materials, and polyester bubble materials.

The production equipment for "Middle Chemical Fiber" and "Small Chemical Fiber" is equipment for eating "coarse grains".

The above is the introduction of Hai'an Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. to distinguish different types of polyester staple fibers from the equipment. I hope it can bring you some help.

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