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[Masks squeeze raw materials and diapers are tight]
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As more and more companies join the ranks of mask production, the price of medical meltblown cloth is also rising.

The diyi financial reporter was informed that due to the conversion of some companies to medical meltblown cloth, which has squeezed the capacity of other non-woven materials, the raw material capacity of diapers has been affected. The cost of some raw materials has risen by more than 60%, which has also led to the rise in the cost of diapers. A small number of small and medium-sized enterprises could not resist the price increase, but most diaper companies did not dare to easily increase prices.

After the epidemic, medical masks were once out of stock. Domestic diapers and sanitary napkin companies, as well as PetroChina and automobile companies, have switched to producing masks. The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the average daily output of masks in China has expanded rapidly, reaching 116 million pieces per day, and the gap in masks has been alleviated. However, the demand for mask raw materials has also risen, and it has brought some new problems.

Under normal circumstances, the diyi layer of the mask is a water-repellent non-woven fabric, the second layer is a medical meltblown fabric, and the third layer is a skin-friendly non-woven fabric. The inner and outer layers are also used in the production of diapers, but this is usually not the case. Scarce raw materials.

There is no difficulty in supplying diaper raw materials, and the increase in prices is due to a combination of factors. Guangdong Non-Woven Fabric Association responded to the diyi financial reporter that on the one hand, after the outbreak, the melt-blown fabric necessary for the production of masks is in short supply. Some manufacturers of SMMS nonwovens may adjust the production line and switch to melt-blown fabrics, while diapers are non-woven. The raw material capacity of cloth will be affected. On the other hand, due to the large market demand, the price of PP raw materials for non-woven fabrics has also risen significantly. The Association has previously learned that the price of PP chips has increased from less than 10,000 yuan per ton to 15,000 yuan / ton. In addition, the epidemic has brought about rising logistics and personnel costs.

On the other hand, diapers are "just-in-demand" products for mothers and infants. After the epidemic, some consumers' stockpiling has also increased the tight supply of the market.

It is worth noting that the rise in raw materials has also brought pressure on diaper companies. Since late February, a small number of small and medium diaper companies in Guangdong and other places have issued price adjustment letters, and the increase has mostly been 5%. However, according to industry estimates, accounting for this round of rising raw material prices to diaper products may cause costs to increase by nearly 15% to 20%.

However, the reporter noticed that the majority of diaper brands did not raise their prices, especially on platforms such as and Tmall. At present, the price of imported diapers has not changed significantly. Multi-store customer service also said that they have not received manufacturers for the time being. Price increase notice.

From the perspective of the industry, it is difficult to say that the cost of diaper companies has risen but dare not raise prices.

Maternal and infant industry analyst Cao Tianwei told diyi financial reporter that there are many brands of diapers in the domestic market. The continuous decline of the new born population in the past 3 years has led to increased market competition. The industry itself is hand-to-hand and it is difficult to develop sales channels. Price increases can easily cause Loss of market share; on the other hand, diapers and milk powder have different levels of "just-in-demand". Milk powder must be imported, so consumers are extremely sensitive and will not easily change brands. However, there is not much risk of diaper brand switching. Price increases May cause consumers to change brands.

"We don't plan to raise prices." According to Xu Chaojie, they are prepared to digest the rising costs. After all, as the epidemic situation improves, the prices of raw materials will gradually stabilize, and the factory will be on track. Such high prices will not continue too much. For a long time, but for some small and medium enterprises, this level may not be so good.

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