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[Substitute came out, superimposed capacity expansion, meltblown cloth began to reduce prices]
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Faced with the market situation of abnormally high prices of meltblown cloth, not only are alternatives competing to come out, but market capacity has also been significantly increased.

As early as February, Shanghai Petrochemical's emergency R & D and production of meltblown non-woven fabrics has been successfully trial-produced. It can produce 6 tons per day, helping to add nearly 6 million pieces of disposable medical masks / day. Sinopec has invested about 200 million yuan in melt-blown cloth production lines built by Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical and Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fiber. Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical's 2 meltblown cloth production lines and 3 spunbond cloth production lines can produce 4 tons of N95 meltblown cloth or 6 tons of medical flat mask meltblown cloth every day. In Yizheng Chemical Fiber, eight melt-blown cloth production lines will be built, which can produce 8 tons of N95 melt-blown cloth or 12 tons of medical flat mask raw materials every day.

In addition, many A-share listed companies, including Guoen Co., Ltd. and Sanye Textiles, have also recently announced the conversion of meltblown fabrics or meltblown polypropylene for upstream raw materials.

According to the data of Tianyan Inspection, as of March 12, there were 347 meltblown cloth-related enterprises in China, and 112 new ones have been added since February 2020. Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate was as high as 3633%. There are also 38,151 mask and respiratory protection-related companies, with 6,114 new ones since February 2020, a growth rate of 1561% compared with the same period last year.

"Recently, the price of meltblown cloth has indeed declined to some extent, but it is still at a high level." Wang Qiang told reporters that at the beginning of March, there were quotes from meltblown cloth materials vendors as high as 500,000 yuan / ton. About 350,000 yuan / ton, a certain decrease from the previous high, the upward trend of market prices has been suppressed, but the overall situation of tight supply of meltblown cloth material has not significantly eased.

He said that although the domestic epidemic situation has eased, the demand for masks has fallen somewhat, but the situation in foreign countries is still not optimistic, and the export demand for masks has increased significantly. "Almost every day these days we can receive foreign orders. Just yesterday we also received an order from Italy." Wang Qiang said in an interview on March 14.

On March 5, Li Xinggan, director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that masks are free trade products and the Chinese government has not set up any trade control measures. Since the outbreak, the Ministry of Commerce, as the central administrative department of foreign trade, has never issued a ban on the export of masks and their raw materials for production, and enterprises can carry out related trade in accordance with the principle of marketization.

Against this background, recently, on platforms such as Interactive Easy, the export of masks by listed companies has also become a hot spot for investors to ask questions.

Due to the doubled concept of the mask, the stock price of Dawn replied on the Interactive Easy platform that the company's meltblown materials have been exported to foreign countries and have received foreign orders. The proportion of exports is not large, and priority is given to domestic demand in the near future.

Lanfan Medical said that the company's mask products will be preferentially supplied to the domestic market, and no export matters have been negotiated at present, and whether to export will be determined later based on actual conditions.

Yangpu Medical also stated on the interactive Yi that in view of the current serious epidemic situation abroad, the company increased its exports to Europe, America and Southeast Asia masks and other epidemic prevention products.

"Overall, the overall demand for masks at home and abroad has tended to flatten. The market previously had to solve the problem of presence or absence, but now it is clear that the market's requirements for product quality have been put on the agenda." Wang Qiang said, recently For some time, it can be clearly felt that the market supervision has been strengthened, and some smaller unqualified mask manufacturers have been unable to continue to start production.

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