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[What can polypropylene staple fiber be used for?]
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After 1980, with the development of polypropylene staple fibers and new technologies for making polypropylene staple fibers, polypropylene staple fibers replaced some cotton fibers for textile fabrics and nonwovens.

polypropylene staple fiber raw material: polypropylene staple fiber is a kind of short fiber made from polypropylene PP as raw material through melt spinning, drafting, crimping, heat setting and cutting.

polypropylene staple fiber has superior moisture conductivity and fast drying, good cardability and spinning performance, can produce soft and tough fabrics, light weight, good warmth, delicate feel, comfortable to wear, acid and alkali resistance. At the same time, it has fast melting, good filling and sound insulation properties.

polypropylene staple fiber use: PP short fiber is used in baby care products, baby diapers, baby diapers. PP short fibers are used in women's care products, women's sanitary napkins, and sanitary pads. polypropylene staple fibers are used in adult care products, adult diapers, and adult diapers. polypropylene staple fibers are used in home care products, pet pads, and wipes. polypropylene staple fiber is used in medical and hygiene products and masks.

In addition, the research and development of polypropylene staple fiber is also very active in various countries around the world. The popularization and improvement of differentiated fiber production technology has greatly expanded the application field of polypropylene staple fiber.

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