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  • The textile industry indicators show new changes: [2020/5/26]
    Since April, the overall operation of China's cotton textile industry has continued the momentum of recovery since March. Cotton prices have rebounded, the textile production end has turned positive, the decline in domestic consumption has continued to narrow, and the external demand market has shown some repairing changes.1. Repair price rebound of raw material pricesSince April, the negative effects of the epidemic have gradually weakened, driving global stock markets and crude oil prices to rebound, and cotton prices have shown signs of rising. The average price of the national cotton p......[ Read More ]
    Why is polypropylene staple fiber prone to static [2020/5/26]
    Why is polypropylene staple fiber prone to static electricity?polypropylene staple fiber is because polypropylene fiber is located at the end of the negative charge of the frictional charging sequence of the fiber, so when it rubs against a fiber, it generates a negative charge by itself. Such fibers that have not undergone modification treatment are prone to static electricity accumulation during use, and can cause many troubles during processing. Severe static problems will directly affect the flowering, carding and other processes, and even cannot be used for processing.polypropylene staple......[ Read More ]
    In May, the textile industry chain is ushering in [2020/5/15]
    2020 is difficult for the entire society, the country and the entire world, not only to fight against the sudden virus, but also to resolve the economic crisis that ensued.Recently, another large textile company declared bankruptcy due to severe losses.Regardless of the reasons for the company's poor management in the early stage, this year's severe epidemic may also be the straw after it crushed it. Affected by the global spread of the epidemic, it is difficult for textile companies to receive orders and capital turnover, and there are also a few bankrupt companies.Not only domestic c......[ Read More ]
    How to distinguish the quality of polypropylene st[2020/5/15]
    How to distinguish the quality of polypropylene staple fiber?Some low-quality polypropylene staple fiber contain moisture (it is difficult to feel by human hands alone). The moisture content can be measured by drying or drying. Although the price of the fiber is low, it is also included in the sale of water. Assuming that the water content is 5%, then 1 kg of fiber containing water is actually only 95% of the fiber, and the price of fiber will be 1.05 times the original price.Inferior polypropylene staple fiber, because of the cost reduction, has not been treated with UV resistance at all, and......[ Read More ]
    The domestic market is getting more and more proof[2020/5/11]
    Since the international oil price has risen for five consecutive years and the polyester filament has risen for three consecutive days, there has been some slight fluctuations in the downstream grey fabric market.1 part of the actual foreign trade order has been issuedA few days ago, Spain, Italy, India and other countries have successively relaxed various restrictions and opened some enterprises, so some foreign trade orders have also started. However, due to the severe epidemic situation abroad, the degree of difficulty in resuming work is greater than that in the country, and the speed of r......[ Read More ]
    What is polypropylene staple fiber? What are the s[2020/5/11]
    What is polypropylene staple fiber? Polypropylene staple fiber is a short fiber made of polypropylene PP by melt spinning, drafting, crimping, heat setting, and cutting. What are the special properties of polypropylene staple fiber?polypropylene staple fiber performance: It has excellent moisture conductivity and quick drying, good combability and spinning performance, can produce fabrics with appropriate softness and toughness, light weight fabric, good thermal insulation, delicate hand feeling, comfortable to wear, acid resistant, Alkali. At the same time, it has the ability of rapid melting......[ Read More ]
    alert! The textile market has entered a shortage o[2020/4/27]
    In recent years, changes in the situation between the United States and Iran have been the focus of market attention. On the 22nd, US President Trump announced on Twitter that he had ordered the US Navy to destroy all Iranian speedboats that "harassed" US ships. Crude oil seems to "hear" Trump's call. On the evening of the 23rd, WTI crude oil futures rose by more than 30% during the day. To the close, the June contract of WTI crude oil futures closed up 2.72 US dollars, an increase of 19.74%, reported at 16.50 US dollars / barrel. In the past two trading days, it has re......[ Read More ]
    Hi! I am polyester staple fiber, high performance [2020/4/27]
    Hi! I am a polyester staple fiber. I have the characteristics of high performance and good quality. Today I will introduce you to my deity.My-polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by spinning a polyester tow (that is, polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as PET, polymerized by PTA and MEG) into a tow.PET is in the form of rice grains or flakes with various varieties and different colors(Usually, the main component of the beverage bottles that we touch a lot is polyester, which is sliced. Generally, polyester staple fibers can be produced after two main processes of front spinning and b......[ Read More ]
    In 2020, the competition in the direct-spun polyes[2020/4/21]
    In recent years, the supply of polyester staple fiber has increased significantly. In 2020, there are still more than 600,000 tons of devices planned to be put into production in the industry, but the downstream traditional demand is not as strong as the supply increase. The situation is also getting hotter.Specifically, in 2019, the direct-spinning polyester staple fiber industry has newly put into production of 620,000 tons, with a total production capacity of 7.910 million tons, an increase of 8.52% year-on-year. The newly increased production capacity is mainly based on conventional cotton......[ Read More ]
    What should be paid attention to in the safe produ[2020/4/21]
    How are polyester staple fibers produced? What should be paid attention to in the production process of polyester staple fiber? How can polyester staple fiber be produced safely? These are the problems we will encounter. Today, Haian Qinfeng launched the following analysis on the precautions for the safety production of polyester staple fiber.polyester staple fiber is fed into the spinning machine with polyester (PET) melt as raw material; or polyester chips as raw material, dried and melted and then fed into the spinning machine, then bundled, stretched, shaped, curled Cut, pack and get polye......[ Read More ]
    How to survive the epidemic, how to deal with the [2020/4/14]
    The data of the professional version of the eye examination show that there are more than 1.26 million manufacturing companies engaged in textiles, textiles and apparel and apparel in China. Although the textile and apparel manufacturing market in China has been open for more than half a month, it has been affected by the epidemic. The increase decreased by 50.9% year-on-year. How to reduce the impact of the epidemic and safely pass through this year's epidemic, the following five solutions are generally considered, but not absolute.This article is (click to view details →) "How big i......[ Read More ]
    How to distinguish different types of polyester st[2020/4/14]
    What is polyester staple fiber? polyester staple fiber is a short fiber of several centimeters to ten centimeters. polyester staple fiber can be divided into large chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber and small chemical fiber. How do you distinguish them?We can distinguish from the production equipment of polyester staple fiber.To put it simply: "big chemical fiber" polyester staple fiber is generally produced by larger chemical fiber companies using better quality slices directly. The process is more advanced, the equipment is mostly imported, the product quality index is ideal, an......[ Read More ]
    When overseas orders step on the brakes, how to br[2020/4/2]
    Today, the economic and trade of countries around the world are closely linked. The pressing of the "pause key" of textile and apparel terminal brands in Europe and the United States has inevitably caused domestic textile and apparel export companies to be subject to chargebacks from overseas customers and face a more severe export situation. People in the foreign trade circle describe: "This 'war epidemic', the first half of the domestic game, the second half of the foreign country, the foreign trade people have to play the whole game." However, from the perspectiv......[ Read More ]
    What are the classifications of polyester staple f[2020/4/2]
    polyester staple fiber on the market is divided into three categories, namely: small chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber, and large chemical fiber.1. "Small chemical fiber" polyester staple fiber: the price and quality are uneven, and the quality requirements are not highThe vast majority of production equipment is produced by domestic small chemical fiber machinery factories. The raw materials used are basically recycled polyester bottle flakes, polyester recycled waste silk and waste, and polyester foam.2. "China Chemical Fiber" polyester staple fiber: the price and qua......[ Read More ]
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